I wrote some books. They are cheap. If you like them, great! If not…well, at least they were cheap.

The Grave New World Series
All books on sale for 99 cents through May to celebrate Zombie Awareness Month!

The end of the world really sucks

The wacky zombie novel that started it all.

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Grave New World short stories

Zombie shenanigans, derring-do, and wacky situations abide in these post-apocalyptic short stories.

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Grave New World novella

And you thought the suburbs were weird BEFORE the apocalypse…

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Grave New Sequel

The post-apocalyptic hijinks continue!

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Grave New World sequel

The zombie shenanigans continue!

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I wrote a couple sci-fi novellas, too.

An abandoned lighthouse, a lost city, and one very confused immortal.

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A sci-fi take on past lives.

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3 thoughts on “Books

  1. I am a Big zombie fan. I really enjoyed your book. Can’t wait for the next one. Just tell me when? The movie Zombieland has a lot of rules. Number one on my list is double tap. If one has ammo, one doesn’t need cardio….. LMAO !!!!!

    Looking forward to a long literary relationship.


  2. You got me hooked on your first two zombie books, Grave and Death Bikers…….but I cant find Dead Men Don’t Skip !

    Where is it ? Are suffering writers block ? I hope not ’cause I sure enjoyed the first two.

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