And She’s Back

Okay, so…I realize I kind of disappeared for awhile, and then weird things happened with my Nook-published books, and I shall take this space to explain some things.

Where did I go?
I would love to say I spent my summer sunbathing on a beautiful tropical island, but the real story is…I worked. I worked a lot. I had some family issues that came up, some health issues, and while everything is fine now, I was not in a position to sit down and crank out a funny zombie novel.

Or anything else, really. It was just that kind of summer. I didn’t get a lot of good stuff done. I didn’t do much with Facebook, with Twitter, with marketing, with anything.

Bad author, I know.

I honestly didn’t have it in me. But I’m back.

The Nook Business
Barnes & Noble changed their Nook contract and upgraded Pubit to something called NookPress or something like that…which is great because it sounds less like pubic, but came with an entirely new contract to read through. The original contract was not particularly favorable to indie writers. They released an updated version that put most fears to rest, but I was in the middle of a big assignment and did not have the time or brainpower to examine the entire contract. I made the decision to pull my books from the Nook store until then. From what I understand, the books should still be on your Nook device if you have already purchased them.

I’ll try to get them back up as soon as I can.

So…are you working on anything now?
Actually, I started on a rather interesting project that fuses my two favorite genres. I’ve fiddled with bits and pieces of it on and off over the last year or so, and it might turn out to be rather awesome.

More on that later, though.

Did you really start watching Breaking Bad?
Yes, I finally got on board with the rest of humanity and started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. Partially because I wanted to see Malcolm’s dad cooking meth in his underwear, but mostly because a reader swore up and down that she pictured Tony as played by Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman to those who watch the show). I was curious, so I checked in.

Yeah, I definitely see it.

So. Zombies?
Yes. I’m working on some GNW shorts that I’ll put up on the site by Halloween. They will be free. I don’t know that anyone wants to read them, but they’ll be up for you to check out.

I’ll try to blog here more often, too.

But for now, back to Breaking Bad. =D

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