Ants, Ants, Ants

It’s been one of those days.

You know–the kind where you don’t fall asleep until 4:30, stagger out of bed at 8, and get sniped at by the dentist’s office. Then you get into your car in the middle of a damned monsoon because YES, it’s storming in July! and they’re working on the road so you sit at a stoplight for 20 minutes and realize you feel…itchy…and you glance down and…


I have seen many an ant invasion in my 27 years, but never an assault on a vehicle. Much less a fairly tidy one like mine. I would expect ants in my kitchen before my car.

Wound up late to the appointment. My dental hygienist, bless her heart, is a darling, kind-hearted woman and always makes me laugh (dangerous with a mouth full of sharp objects). The average cost of a dental cleaning without insurance, by the way, is $130. The medical facility my dentist is located in has also recently started charging for parking. I ended up not getting X-rays or the exam, as those would have pushed the bill over $300.

Oh, and the repairman admitted they’ve just been sitting on my laptop. They “might know more” this afternoon.

Awesome. Meanwhile, my dumb ass left the marked up version of Sailor’s Luck on there, and while I am happy for the opportunity to work on Trojan Age, I worry about my files. I am also heading down to SD on Saturday to celebrate my mother’s birthday, and I was hoping to have it back by then.

So I’m bitching a bit. Actually, the ant thing would be pretty humorous if the rest of that crap hadn’t already circled.

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