Books, Books, Books

I guess you could say I’ve gone ahead and joined the 21st century. I finally bought an e-reader. Or eReader, or ereader, depending on which style manual you subscribe to. Demand offered a pretty sweet deal on the Nook Color, and after some important research (which involved playing with the store models in my local B&N), I decided to go for it.

Part of the attraction is that it’s basically an Android tablet for way less than what I’d pay otherwise. I’m something of a gadget junkie; only high pricing kept me away from the iPads and the Galaxy tablet. I am also still somewhat bitter that my last office job gave out iPads after I quit (way to blow the department’s budget, by the way!).

As for books…

I have three bookcases full of books. Well, one is a proper bookcase; the others are only about four feet tall. Sometimes I get more books, and then I have to find homes for them. Books I love (or research books) remain with me or are carefully loaned to friends. The rest go to the library, or will, once I dredge up the motivation to drag the box over. If nothing else, the Nook might help alleviate some of the, er, strain I place on my shelving units. If I can use it for my research books, well, all the better. I won’t have to drag stuff around when I want to work at my parents’ house or the local Starbucks.

Not related, but I’m watching Extreme Couponing, and I have to wonder if it’s a form of hoarding. Have you seen the amount of stuff behind the stars in their in-home interviews?

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