Cabin in the Pacific Rim

I watched Cabin in the Woods last night. If you’re planning on watching it, stop reading this post. I am going to spoil the hell out of you. 

Yeah, it took me that long to get around to it (I am not much for going to the movies these days). It popped up on Netflix and so of course I had to check it out.

Initial thoughts? Very clever movie. And I’d like to give a round of applause to the Buckner family, a.k.a. the most tenacious clan of pain-worshipping redneck zombies I’ve ever seen. Someone please get Patience and the long-haired guy a spot on The Walking Dead. Rick wouldn’t know what to do with them.

So yes. Zombies, monsters, mayhem, all that good stuff. Then the elder god awoke and plunged the world into chaos with one swipe of its massive fist.

Holy shit, I thought, this is the prequel to Primal Rage.

Think about it. Primal Rage is all about ancient gods (some dinosaurian, some…not-dinosaurian), released by some cataclysm, fighting to rule what remains of the world. They’re all gigantic and they all view humans as either appetizers or perhaps pets. I believe in the video game, the “cataclysm” that unleashed them from their underground dens was a meteor, but hey…

So yes. Ancient god punches its way through the earth and heralds a new age of pain and suffering and the end of humanity. And then it fights the other ancient gods. And maybe some of them look like dinosaurs. And maybe Marty and Dana run around trying to figure out how to stop these beasties.

See? Primal Rage.

I do wonder what kind of sequel Cabin could spawn. I’d love to see them actually follow the storyline and have all these ancient gods running around trashing the place (even if they’re not dinosaurs…can you tell I like dinosaurs?). Meanwhile there’s lesser supernatural entities (the caged monsters from the movie) causing all kinds of problems when the big gods aren’t knocking over buildings and such.

In the film, the characters made a big deal about elder gods = endtimes, but then again, this was apparently the first year where all the rituals failed. If humans have become clever enough to survive the scenarios thrown at them, why would they not be clever enough to fight back? Humans are a violent bunch; we’ve amassed a spectacular stockpile of stuff that we would just love to use on each other. Why not point it at the real bad guys instead? Or better yet, build some big machines designed to take out the elder gods?

Wait. I think I just described the plot of Pacific Rim.


In sum, if there was a sequel I would watch it. Especially if it involved dinosaurs, dragons, or giant robots.

Also, I guess I need to see Pacific Rim, since it seems to gather many of my fandoms together.

Beyond that, not a lot to report. Got distracted with work; Atlantis I continued (and is in fact longer than it should be), but something had to drop by the wayside, and that something was unfortunately GNW3.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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