Day 1 – 30 Days of Walking Dead

There’s a Walking Dead 30-Day Challenge on Tumblr, and I figured…why not?

Day 1: Favorite male character? Why?
Overall, my favorite is probably Daryl Dixon for the usual reasons. He’s a badass, he’s capable, and he’s the only one who consistently seems to have his head screwed on pretty straight (or at least he’s good at pretending he does). I could go into all the details about what a great character arc he’s had, developing from Merle’s mouthy little brother into a real leader, and how his growing relationships with Carol, Rick, and yes, Merle, have been some of the most entertaining to watch…but yeah. Daryl.

I’m also wild about Glen. He and Daryl could have their own spinoff where they hunt for things and learn about other cultures or something.

For sheer entertainment value, though, The Governor wins, hands-town. Zombie heads in an aquarium? Hanging out with his undead daughter? Making cryptic notes about God knows what? Oh, he’s batshit crazy and I love him for it.

Also, “On Broadway.”

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