Day of Rest

Between all the strange lights in the sky, earthquakes, and weird weather, I’m wondering if California isn’t starring in the beginning of some sort of apocalyptic movie. This is how they all start out.

We had a small jolt at about 3 AM today. The bird panicked and flapped around her cage, badly damaging two flight feathers. I rushed her to the Yorba Regional Animal Hospital — they have a 24-hour clinic — and they had to extract the bleeding feathers. Scared the hell out of me…I knew I had to take her in when I realized how much blood was around the cage. We spent a very quiet morning after we got back around 3:45, and now she’s doing some singing and seems to feel much better. Anyway, if you have an animal emergency in OC, I do recommend Yorba.

As a result of this early morning madness (and finally passing out on the couch at 8 AM), my work has been on and off.

As part of our Day of Convalescing, the bird and I watched Monsters and Skyline, two “alien invasion” movies that didn’t do very well upon release. To be fair, I’m still in the middle of Skyline, but an hour into it, this movie seems to be what War of the Worlds should have been. It succeeds where Spielberg’s movie failed in every respect–lots of action (as opposed to the handful of glances we got of the tripods), characters I actually give a damn about and whose arguments seem realistic (remember Tom Cruise and his brats shrieking for no apparent reason? Yeah, me too).

Honestly, I’m puzzled as to why this movie didn’t do better. On one hand, it is kind of a standard alien invasion movie (in that aliens come and want to either harvest us or kill us all), but it handles the situation creatively, and it moves fast. It also happens to have an excellent, underrated leading man in Eric Balfour.

Anyway, it’s been a thankfully quiet day. Hoping to get to bed early to make up for the wackiness of earlier, and tomorrow I get to start figuring out marketing, which…ugh.

But more on that later.

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