DBG is up at B&N

Nook users, it’s there.

This time around, getting it properly formatted for Nook was almost a bigger challenge than for Kindle; I’m not sure what’s changed since releasing GNW last October, but while looking at it on my Nook and at the various B&N previewers, I came across some irritating bugs. I think they’re stamped out — like I said, hiring a pro for this later — I’ve been through it twice on my Nook and on the previewer, and everything looks okay this time.

It’s priced at $2.99. For a 65,000-word book, I think that’s fair. It’s still cheaper than any latte you might sip while reading it.

The next step — for the existing books, anyway — is probably to purchase ISBNs for them. I’m happy with Amazon and B&N, but an ISBN can open the door to other markets, namely Apple Books, Kobo, and some others. They tend to be a bit pricey on their own, so   buying them before I knew how this would all shake out didn’t make sense, but you can purchase them in batches, and now that I’ve got three, well…why not.

Wonder of wonders, I have some interviews coming up (well, one, anyway) so I guess I better brush up on sounding vaguely intelligent.

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