Facebookin’ It

I am not a fan of Facebook.

Never have been. I dumped my personal FB page last July and have never missed it; beyond that, I always had trouble with the FB author page vs. the admin account I used for it vs…look, I’m just not Facebook-savvy, okay?

But…it’s recommended for authors, and I do occasionally get messages from readers through it, which I discovered when I logged in today and found some sitting there.

Say it with me now: Oh, shit.

So I’m going to try to get into it. Try being the key word here. I updated my author photo (which came about because I had way too much fun with the Dead Yourself app) and responded to some messages and liked The Walking Dead, and…that’s all I’ve done so far.

I sent my Dead Yourself pic to a pal before putting it up.

“Really?” she asked. “Really?

“I think I make a cute zombie,” I said. I also made it my Twitter picture.

Speaking of zombies, reached 2,024 words on GNW3 today. Not too shabby. Finished a gigantic, soul-eating freelance project last night (well, early this morning) so that will free me up for more writing time.

At least, that’s the great hope.

In the meantime, a very happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! Drink some green beer for me.

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