Good Times with Netflix

I’ve been watching World Without End on Netflix. I’m digging the costumes and the music, but the storyline…well, I’ve heard the book was much better and the miniseries has deviated quite a bit from the novel’s plot.

The miniseries, from what I can see, is about the long-suffering Caris, who only has one facial expression, and Godwyn, who was brought up by Miranda Hobbes Petranilla, and between the two of them, they engage on a merry killing spree through Kingsbridge and beyond. All in the name of God and family, of course.

Hmm. Merry killing spree makes the show sound better than it is. This isn’t some sort of medieval crime spree. More like a family saga gone horribly wrong.

With that said, I am enjoying it.

Holy shit, Godwyn just bit Matthias.

Is it wrong that I kind of hope this turns out to be a closeted medieval zombie flick? Hey, it is the Black Death.

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