Grave New Draft 2

43k/65k. Just over halfway there and ramping up to what I’m hoping is an action-packed finale.

I’m averaging about 5k a day, maybe a little under. I like this Fast Drafting because it makes me get the bulk of the story out on paper fast. Does it read atrociously? In parts. Does it need lots of revision? God, yes. But I’ve already stopped and started on this book twice. It’s time to get the damn thing down and I can revise the hell out of it later.

With that said, I’m mentally tired. I’m helping my parents out with some matters at home, and that plus additional paid work means the 5k is starting to wear on me a little bit. Still, just 22k to go before I call it a finished rough draft.

Then I get to chuck the thing aside for awhile and let it percolate.

Things I’m noticing…the basic plot I picked does work, though elements are coming to life as I scramble for words. It’s fast, loose writing — similar to the way I wrote the first book. Once I go back and complete the revisions I think it might turn out to be very entertaining.

Fingers crossed, anyway.

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