Here and There

SUZ: The zombies are selling!
MOM: Really?
SUZ: Mother!
MOM: I mean that’s wonderful! It’s just…zombies. People go on Amazon looking for zombies?
SUZ: Yes. That is what zombie-lovers do.
MOM: So…the zombie book on my Kindle. Is that the complete version?
SUZ: Well, it’s a novella.
MOM: But it’s the same one that’s up on Amazon.
SUZ: Yes, I was testing it on your Kindle. You can delete it if you want.
MOM: No, no…the thing’s selling, I should…look at it.

She sounded extremely nervous about looking at it.

There are some things I do not force on my mother. Zombie literature is one of them (it’s also full of cussing, which she’s not fond of…cussing, violence, bad situations, deep sarcasm — all reasons I avoided hawking it to family members). But for some magical, wonderful reason, GNW is selling at a pretty decent clip (!!!!!!!), and she’s trying to be supportive.

That, or she’s trying to figure me out. Hmm.

I can’t explain the sales. I’ve been tracking the links I share with Bitly, but they aren’t generating much (although this blog sends off a fair amount of explorers, so thank you, readers!). That leaves regular readers on Amazon searching for zombies.

The Cold From Hell is pretty much the gift that keeps on giving. I feel largely cleared up, and my throat is much-improved, but now I face the dreaded post-nasal drip, which means any conversation longer than a few words leads to some very exciting-sounding coughing. I can avoid this by popping cough drops like candy…not exactly my preferred treatment method.

In other words, I’m going to attempt vlogging (v-logging? vlogging?) for NaNoWriMo…am experimenting with my little webcam as I type. Can we say awkward?

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