I admit it: I ragged on this movie when I first saw the trailer because Darth Maul is in it.

I’m not kidding, by the way. Check out the comparison pic I linked to above. Maul didn’t die, he just grew out his hair (what he could of it) and headed to Earth, where he makes an honest living terrorizing children gifted at astral projecting.

Look, it’s hard for a Sith to find work these days, okay?

Kidding aside, the movie had some good scary moments, and once it was over…well, I couldn’t sleep because every time I dozed off, my subconscious became legitimately afraid that a crazy old demon lady was going to come and possess my body while I dreamed.

So I kept waking myself up.

Folks, it was not a good night.

I did see that Netflix added a bunch of new horror movies, so I’m sure I’ll check out some of them. Supernatural stuff tends to get to me more than the blood n’guts (Insidious had very little gore), so maybe I’ll indulge in some good ghost movies.

Or maybe I’ll decide sleep is important and save the scary stuff for the weekends.

In other news, I’ve become obsessed with Dragonvale.


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