Late Night Wanderings

The trailer for Pacific Rim is up on Apple Trailers.

From what I can see of the plot, BP drilled a little too deep and wound up releasing Cthulhu or something (wait, that sounds more like an episode of South Park) and Cthulhu or Godzilla or whoever it is promptly starts trashing the planet. Humanity’s only hope is…giant robots that fight the monsters hand to hand, because apparently missiles don’t work.

Yes. It’s Monster Robot Deathmatch.

It also has Idris Elba announcing “Today we are canceling the apocalypse!” right before a robot sucker-punches Godzilla.

I don’t know if that’s the actual plot. I don’t really care. I look at Pacific Rim the way I looked at Battleship: an excuse to display glorious destruction to maximum effect. Aside from Elba (who can do no wrong) and a random voiceover attempting to bring us up to speed on the story, there doesn’t seem to be much actual dialogue. We’re not in this for storyline or character development. We’re in this for explosions.

(Watch, it’ll turn out to be insightful and tear-jerking and I’ll end up eating my words.)

Have also discovered “Na Na Na” by My Chemical Romance. It’s catchy and borderline obnoxious…makes me want to write about…zombies.

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