National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner. Do you have your novel idea?

Because I don’t. And I’m a bit spooked.

This is not a huge emergency; my personal “NaNo Best” came in 2006, when I started writing The Evil That Men Do on November 15 (scrapping my original idea, which wasn’t working), and I blew through 60,000 words in 15 days. Were they good words? Well, some of them were. The dialogue was pretty snappy. The story and characters (and some of the dialogue) were eventually reborn as Grave New World, the first story in my Endtimes series, which I think (read: think) I’ll be able to release in November. Full circle and all that.

I’ve participated in NaNo since 2002. Holy crap, have I seriously been at this for almost a decade? Where has the time gone?

At the moment, I’m leaning between book two of the Endtimes series (and since it’ll coincide with The Walking Dead returning to AMC, I’ll definitely be in a zombie kind of mood) or The Frozen Ocean, which I really need to get cracking on…

So expect plenty of writing-related posts over the next month and a half as I try to figure all this stuff out.

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