New Markets & Setting Rates

I’m not sure I fancy the new blogger setup, but it gives me more flexibility, so I might as well try it out.

I’m in the process of setting up a free wordpress site to showcase my editing business. Yeah, yeah, should’ve done it earlier. Most of my work has been through referrals and responding to advertisements, but I’d like to start casting a wider net.

I also want to focus more on fiction. As of late, I’ve been working on a lot of business titles, which pay the bills, but aren’t my area of interest. I’ve picked up a few manuscript gigs–much more enjoyable–and I think I could be of better service in that field.

The problem is pricing.

I suspect I’ll be looking into the self-publishing field, which is rapidly growing…but often doesn’t have a lot of cash to spare. Hell, I ran into the same thing myself when looking for an editor. People charge anything from $600 to $1500+ to edit a manuscript. Is it worth every penny? For sure! Is it feasible for many? Not really.

I’m hoping I can establish some sort of position for myself in this niche. I’m new to the field, so I’m willing to work for lower rates. The question is how much lower?

Here’s my situation. I can edit short articles for five bucks a pop, and over the course of a day they add up to a wage of some sort. They’re quick and easy. A manuscript is much larger, and takes up a lot more time. I can’t charge rock-bottom rates all the time, much as I want to help people, because I’ve got bills to pay. So what to do?

Payment plans? New client specials? A monthly free edit?

Bleck. Gonna have to go back to my business roots to figure this one out.

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