The Nook is here. I am already having trouble focusing on work when what I really want to do is download more books.

I’m most interested in the free stuff at the moment. I suspect a lot of it is self-pubbed, so this will be an interesting dive. I’ve picked out a variety of stuff; writing books, marketing books, a couple of novels. Hell, it’s free. Why not?

It’s a really nice little device thus far. The screen is bright and clear and responds as well as my phone. I’ve only read a paragraph’s worth of stuff, but the reading wasn’t unduly wonderful or difficult. The web browser let me log into Gmail. I can see that things like chatting and constant emailing are probably out of the question, unless the upcoming Android update is all that and a box of chocolates.

But hey, I mainly got it for the books, anyway.

While scrolling through book categories, I noticed there’s a “hard” science fiction and “social” science fiction. Is social sci-fi the new word for space opera?

Once I’ve worked through my huge stack of physical to-be-read books — at which I’m hoping my finances will be in proper order — I’ll actually buy a couple of ebooks. Until then, I’m gonna love me some freebies.

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