On Covers

What do you do for the book that won’t sell?

Echoes has a lot going for it. I think it’s actually the best of the three books I have out, but sales have never been all that strong. I’m going to try some different things with it in the coming year, just to see if I can bump up its sale rate a little bit, and step one was a new cover.

When I published Echoes and GNW (I think they were about three weeks apart?) I was flat broke and had no money for cover art. I did have an old copy of Photoshop and some classes under my belt, along with some photo manipulation skillz left over from a previous magazine gig. My covers weren’t great, but they were serviceable. When GNW took off, I promptly hired a real cover artist, Steven Novak, and he gave it a new look. Steven also did the DBG cover.

I left Echoes alone. Maybe not the best thing I could have done for it, but sales were so meh anyway, I found it hard to justify sinking money into it. But while updating my Facebook page, the Echoes cover looked so…sad…next to the GNW/DBG covers that I emailed Steven to inquire about a redesign.

The bottom line is that I think Echoes is a good story. Despite its poor sales, it’s been extremely well-reviewed, and if I can give it a chance to shine, well, I should do that.

Steven out-did himself on this one. He listened to my vague ideas of what I was going for and knocked together a beautiful cover for Echoes. I’m going to have to dig up the original file to add the cover to, so that will be tomorrow’s task, along with re-upping to B&N and Amazon. I’ll also upload the cover to the site tomorrow.

Now all three of my books have proper covers. I’d squee, but that would be undignified.

Oh, all right.


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