Mom: I read the first two pages of your zombie book.

Suz: ….why?

Mom: It was there. The main character was on the toilet and the world was ending.

Suz: Whoops. I thought I deleted it, sorry.

Mom: No, no, I wanted to read it. It’s…pretty good.

Suz: You don’t even like zombies.

Mom: I know!

If I could use this as a blurb…I totally would.

Grave New World appears to be live on B&N. Not sure what the Amazon holdup is. I did two run-throughs on my mother’s Kindle this time, so I know it looks decent on that platform (MOBI gave me trouble with Echoes). Nook…Nook is easy. It looks just dandy.


I haven’t wanted to admit it to myself, but…the time has come for some pretty radical reinvention. My biggest client appears to be going down the tubes (after a few months of see-sawing), and I’m scrambling to patch the leaks in my suddenly very-unsteady boat. I’ve been nursing along other eggs–namely breaking into fiction one writer at a time–but I think the time has come to dive in with both feet. To that end, I’ve set up a Facebook page for my editing business. I’m going to have to link all these sites together somehow…I can call it the Suz Network.

I’m also crossing my fingers that I see some sort of movement from the ebooks. Am working on getting the word out on them–it takes time–but every little bit helps.

…there is a bug in my coffee…

Ideally, I’d like to split my time between writing and editing. I do like editing and proofreading; it keeps my brain sharp. If I could edit half the day and write the rest of it, I’d be happy as a clam. The Kindle/Nook/e-publishing revolution has made this possible, if I can only figure out how to make it work. So if you know any self-publishers who are looking for an editor/proofreader…let me know?

Hell, ANYONE looking for an editor/proofreader. I’d like to get into the fiction market, but I’ll look at just about anything. Except math. Not very good at math.

Still trying to kick this cold. Should’ve picked up some DayQuil.

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