Every now and then, the universe cuts you some slack.

Back in October of last year, I started writing the initial draft of GNW3, working title Zombie Rock Machine. I got through 18,000 words before realizing I was not in the right space to work on that particular story, so I closed it up and let it sit.

This week, I came back to GNW3 and restarted it. 2,600 words into things, I opened up the original file to see if there was anything I could salvage.

Happily, there is.

Looking at it with fresh eyes, I can probably use about eighty percent of the original beginning (though the pacing is different; my revised edition will use different chunks at different times). That’s great news for me. The other ten percent I’ll have to junk; still, that’s a ton of words I get to reuse and not throw away.

Hey, it’s the small stuff.

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