Rumors of My Demise…

There are two reasons why I don’t have a tattoo. The first is because my mother is secretly a Bolton and a would take a tattoo as a sign to flay me alive.

The second reason is because I cannot imagine committing to anything enough to want it inked onto my skin forever.

This sort of relates to my seeming inability to blog regularly. I guess I fear commitment of any kind.

So I’ll just get to it. I have been writing, just not for me; I’m doing a lot of ghostwriting these days, which hasn’t left a ton of time for my own work. And to be honest, there’s a limit on how much creative juice I’ve got in me per day. The work I do for my clients always comes first, which means if I’m mentally wiped by the end of the day, well, my books can wait.

The end result of this is I haven’t released a Blackmore book in almost two years. I am pretty sure whatever readers I have left have given up. I did manage to get off my ass long enough to read the Nook Press agreement, sign it in blood, and get the zombie books back up on B&N. So I’ve got that going for me. Echoes is stuck in Nook Press processing hell, which apparently happens (and B&N doesn’t seem interested in answering my emails) so I’m still in a holding pattern there.

Anyway. The dry spell is about to end. It’s not zombies, but it’s a book. And it’s very close.


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