Sheepishly Returning

Well, I sure did a bang-up job of maintaining this blog, didn’t I?

Um, sorry, all. If anyone actually reads this. I did try to keep tweeting consistently, even though most of my tweets seem to be centered around coffee. I think the problem with blogging and tweeting is that I just find myself really…really…boring. I’m not a very exciting person, really. Why would anyone want to read my scrawls?

If you think this is bad, you should check out my Facebook page. Or better yet, don’t.


A few things happened between this post and my last one. Namely I decided Atlantis wasn’t working the way it should, so I scrapped that for a while; I also got saddled with some very time-consuming projects, both of which pay me far more than my novels at the moment, so of course they have received the bulk of my attention. I’m actually on the tail end of a huge ghostwriting project and some managerial stuff, so maybe in the next few days everything will settle down.

On the plus side…I have about 1,092 words on GNW3.

But didn’t you start GNW3 like, months ago? And have a lot more words?

Oops. Yes, yes I did. I started it in October, actually. And while I liked the overall plot of the story, it just wasn’t quite working for me. I think in hindsight I needed more of a break after the summer rush to get DBG out.

So the other night I was looking at my calendar and realized I was actually supposed to start work on GNW3 on Monday. (I think I looked at it on Wednesday.) Feeling rather guilty, I sat down and wrote 500 words. Then today I wrote 500 more. That’s about all I can manage at the moment with my workload (I really shouldn’t even be blogging, but I gotta start somewhere). So hey, I’m a week behind and many, many words behind, but…actually I can’t really find the silver lining there.

All my own writing is behind. I am more bummed about this than I thought I’d be.

My original release calendar went something like ATLANTIS I (April), GNW3 (June), BIG INTERSTELLAR ADVENTURE (fall sometime). Oh, I also had three 2013 releases slated for a second pseudonym.

Except then I realized A1 needed reworking, I dropped GNW3, and that interstellar adventure is going to have to wait.

I don’t know if there’s a lesson here, but this is what happens when you treat your writing as a hobby. I still do that. I acknowledge it and I’m mostly okay with it. The three books I have out have done surprisingly well, considering how little I do to promote them (little meaning nothing, in this case), but there’s only the three of them. The “real” authors out there, the ones that keep cranking out the books no matter what…I tip my hat to them. I find I am just not willing to work on my own stuff after I’ve been asked to crank out two novellas in a week. The brain is fried.

(Ghostwriting is deadly work, folks. Maybe there’s a post unto itself…taking on more than I can chew.)

Every now and then I think, Maybe if I take this thing seriously I’ll get better dividends from it. I invariably spend a week or two planning to do just that, and then get distracted by the newest shiny thing (or more likely I’m waylaid by actual paying work) and that’s the end of my planning.

In the end, I don’t know what the answer is. I will get GNW3 out this year. I’ll get a couple of books out under a pseudonym, too. Once this work crush slows down I’ll be able to reassess and see what I need to do to really get the Blackmore brand, so to speak, off the ground.

The ironic thing in all this? I am making a living as a writer. I ghostwrite in many genres and I handle a lot of nonfiction as a freelancer. That’s my words earning me money. When people ask me what I do, I can say I’m a writer and it’s not a lie. I could have business cards made. Then it would be official.

(I do have business cards, by the way. They say many things on them, as I was juggling many trades when I had them made. Writer is on them, but so are other things.)

(Can you tell how much I like parentheses? Also, I really need to sleep. Like now.)

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