Star Wars!

Guys, we need to talk about the new Star Wars teaser.

I am split on it.

On one hand, I love X-wings. Seeing them cruising over that (lake?) warmed my tired husk of a heart.

On the other hand, I’m sure Daisy Riddle and John Boyega are playing fantastic characters who we will all come to love, but people, we’re missing the important questions. Namely, WHERE IS HAN SOLO?

C’mon, JJ, give us at least a glimpse at one of our beloved original cast. Even the Phantom Menace trailer had Yoda and the droids in it.

Patience, grasshopper. 

Yeah, I know, I know. All in good time. Take a chill pill, Blackmore.

He did shove the Millennium Falcon at us backed up by the gloriousness of the John Williams score, so I suppose I can wait.

For a whole year.

Might as well settle in, folks. Winter is coming and all that.

But my inner ten-year-old would like to say the following:


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