Stranger Than Fiction, Part II

Today, while puttering under my monitor stand, Juno discovered a discarded fortune from Panda Express and dropped it in my lap: A wish will be granted after a long delay.

While doing some tidying up at my other bookshelves, I happened to glance into a bag of crystals I keep hanging around. Sitting there in the bag of crystals was a pendant I’d been missing for a freaking year. I’m guessing it slipped off its chain at some point (the chain was still safely in my jewelry box) and I just sort of swept it in with the crystals while cleaning.

The kicker? I’m wearing the exact same outfit I wore when I last had the necklace on…during my brother’s graduation party (we have pictures, hence my certainty). After which time it disappeared; following months of fruitless searching, I gave up hope and turned my attentions to finding a replacement, which also didn’t work out too well.

Weirder: Once‘s plot hinges on a pendant.

So it turned up, I reunited it with its chain and put it on, and am hoping all this serendipity will culminate in some sort of magical event.

If I tried to write something like this, it’d be dismissed as silly and overdone. šŸ™‚

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