Suz the Overbearing

You know that feeling you get when you sit up straight and your neck goes SKRRRRRRRRZTTT?

Yeah. That just happened.

Oops, I did it again.

I am relatively certain all my physical aches and pains are tied to my stress level, which I really try to keep under wraps. I slept until noon today in an effort to chase off this damned sore throat, and the strategy basically worked…but then the sounds of hammering woke me up and I had to go trolling for more gigs, which is always an unnerving experience. For example, today I had the opportunity to advertise my editing services to indie authors. Being an indie author myself, I understand their position, and I’m willing to work with them as far as pricing and, say, payment plans. The actual conversation probably went like this:

AUTHORS: Are there any affordable editors out there?

SUZ: I’m affordable. I’ve edited since 2006, here’s my qualifications, I want you to look good, here’s my email.

But this is how I imagine it went:

AUTHORS: Are there any affordable editors out there?


Coincidentally, that’s how I fear most of my attempts at book advertising read, too, although I think the Grave New World ones are turning out pretty well (as it turns out, it’s easier to market tongue-in-cheek zombie fare than far-out sci-fi books). It’s already doubled the sales for Echoes and it keeps going…I like to think I did a nice job on the blurb, but I suspect people just really like zombies. Especially cheap zombies. 🙂

Still no decision on what to do with poor Galen and his last name. I’m about to revamp the summary on Amazon in an effort to boost sales, so I wonder if it might not make sense to just change the last name and re-upload while I’m at it, just to spare myself the agony of wondering.

Yup. I do drama real well, don’t I?

Had way too much coffee to compensate for sleeping until noon, and as a result leaped through the roof when the UPS guy knocked on the door to drop off a client’s manuscript.

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