Suz vs. Photoshop

A couple of my efforts from today. Note these are not proper covers at all– they don’t even include my name, not to mention the sizing/format is all wrong — they’re just my efforts to create starfields and neat-looking text.

The color’s all wrong on this one, and I think the glowy text is too much for the story, but I like the effect. This is a pretty basic layered pic with noise and clouds added. I just threw the title down at the bottom because I needed to try it somewhere.

I like the starfield, but the lettering’s all wrong. I tried a purple version and liked it better, but it still didn’t quite work…so on I cut out color entirely and went for Ye Olde Black and White.

Playing on the “misty memory” theme. This one’s on the right track, but it’s too stark for me. Needs more color…and less clouding. I really liked the way the text turned out, but it was obscured by the fog and came out too dim for my tastes (remember, I love color and crazy stuff…even though that’s not really en vogue for covers right now, so I’m sucking it up).

While trying to ease up on the fog, I ended up creating the one below…

I actually really like this one. Maybe it’s just the jarring “ONCE” in the middle of the clearing (hooray for accidental centering) I’m not sure, but I do dig it, and I think that might be the proper font format (though I can’t tell you how I got it that way…something about screening and overlays).

If I can figure out how to add a starfield to it or even add a little color in the clouds (make it a nebula) we might be in business…I could see “S.P. Blackmore” on top, and “A Novella” at the bottom, maybe. I’ll keep fiddling.


Hm…still not quite right…I can’t put my finger on what this cover reminds me of, maybe one of the Final Fantasy titles? It’s kind of different.

Have I mentioned how utterly addicting Photoshop gets?

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