The Hack’s Progress

Interesting writing session tonight.

I set out to get my 2,000 words and wound up with 2,800 (maybe a little bit more, if I have them explore the Stygian Drift). I have found I tend to do my best worldbuilding (or galaxy-building) when I don’t really overly plan out the universe…Kate, my female lead, led us straight to a crashed starship and now they’re off to hide in a particularly poisoned part of space.

Overall, 23,600 words out of an estimated 40,000. I think I’m right on track, but we’ll see if further developments ensue. Overall, very happy with this little novella so far.

I’ve been calling it Once, but I think I’m going to have to change that. Just not sure to what. Some of the words I’m playing with in it include “echoes,” “memory,” “ghostlight,” and “shadow,” none of which are lending themselves to titles right now.

I should get to bed. Alas, I am cranked. Might as well write more…

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