The Last Word

The whole Galen Situation made me nervous, so I went to the family lawyer for some counsel.

[heavily paraphrased]

SUZ: Hi, Dad. Has Mom explained my problem?

DAD: Well, you sound better than you did. So what’s the problem with this book?

SUZ: Uh, my main character has the same name as an author.

DAD: Huh. So?

SUZ: Um…is he gonna sue me?

DAD: Is the character named Dan Brown, and does he look like Tom Hanks and solve riddles posed by Da Vinci?

SUZ: ….not really.

DAD: Are you using it as a marketing tool? The name, I mean.

SUZ: No. The book is barely moving.

DAD: I think you’re okay. It’s coincidental. If you named him Stephen King and he was a writer…that might be one thing. It’s the really big names you have to worry about.

SUZ: So he won’t sue me?

DAD: Maybe if you make millions.

SUZ: I had nightmares about it last night.

DAD: *facepalm* Really, you don’t need to worry. I remember a case years ago…

I’m off to craft a letter for a gig, so I will leave you all with this cute picture of Juno.

Cute bird

I would rather cuddle than mug, actually

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