The Sneeze Goes On

Juno is judging you

Juno sees all

Juno has taken to exploring the mysterious world underneath my computer stand. There’s nothing really under there, but she can putter for minutes at a time (maybe that’s hours to a small bird, I don’t know).

No, that is not a condom wrapper sitting in the foreground. That would be an empty Zyrtec sleeve. Which reminds me, it’s almost time to restock.

Speaking of Zyrtec…last night I dreamed I went to the pharmacy to purchase more (the Zyrtec-D is kept with the pharmacist, because people cook meth with it or something) and the guy there told me that since I had already purchased a good sum of it this year, I was banned from buying anymore. I distinctly remember telling him “But I have allergies!” and he would not budge. This angered me so much, I went to tell my pal Achilles, who was sympathetic, but he was busy stealing Hector’s armor and thus could not be bothered to wage war against CVS on my behalf.

In my dream, the Trojan War took place in the streets of a dilapidated San Francisco, and the undead were running around. This gave me the totally bodacious idea of pulling a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies trick out of my sleeve and writing The Iliad and Zombies


The heat wave seems to have eased. I’m trying to schedule my August so I can maximize work output and noveling while juggling various familial obligations. I may end up just crashing in SD for the month. I guess we’ll see.

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