The Walking Dead Premiere…

Oh, Walking Dead, how I love thee. Even if I do think The Daryl and Glenn Show would be a most excellent spinoff.

(What could go wrong? Everyone’s favorite redneck badass and his street-smart, wisecracking sidekick take on zombies across America. Someone please make this happen.)

I’m not doing a full-on review for the blog, but some of the discussion that went on during my WD premiere party (yes, I had one; we ate Panda Express and had a jolly good time):

“So…they won’t arm the women, but they’ll let the 8-year-old join the raiding party?” (note: it was later pointed out to us that Carl is about 13. We were way off…but the point stands.)

“Carol got a gun…”

“Either gestation speeds up for the insanely stupid, or some time has passed.”
“I would say time has passed, but Carol’s hair is exactly the same.”

“I don’t know how I feel about a zombie on a leash.”

“You know what would make this better? Lightsabers.”

“Slap his ass, slap his ass…wow, I really thought she’d slap his ass.”

“When did Carol get so sassy? Must’ve been a big winter.”


“Is it just me, or is Hershel’s new look really working for him?”
“Dude, he’s like…seventy.”
“I’m serious. The hair, the gun, the badass attitude. That is one awesome old man. Like…if he was in charge of the Titanic, it wouldn’t have hit the iceberg.”

[after Hershel gets chewed on.] “Titanic wouldn’t have hit the iceberg, huh?”

“Of course he’s bleeding out, you just cut off his damn leg! Cauterize that shit!”
“See, this is why they need lightsabers.”

All in all, the group of us were PDP (pretty damn pleased) with the new season. Frankly, I think the leap in time helped the show — yes, it’s good to watch characters develop (I especially would have liked to see Carol growing into that new, sassy ‘tude), but the show is much more exciting with them functioning as a team and sort-of knowing what they’re doing.

I hope Hershel sticks around. Despite his zombie hoarding problem, he’s one of my favorite characters on the show, and frankly, I felt a lot of sympathy for him. He was all set to wait out the apocalypse (again, zombie hoarding aside) and then Rick and his dysfunctional crew showed up and everything went to hell.

Anyway, I’m loving it. Next Sunday will be another WD shindig, probably with something equally unhealthy and meaty to devour…maybe cheeseburgers…mmm…

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