Sat down with a thesaurus, a pen, a paper, and Google last night to figure out a proper title for the debut.

I like the word “Once,” but there’s already a famous movie with the same name, and after rereading the story in an effort to pick out any themes or repeated words…well, once doesn’t really do it.

My second choice was Starside. “Things are better starside” is the pilot’s catchphrase, starside being the slang term for outer space and everything not a station/planet. Until I Googled it and realized there’s already a popular sci-fi series called Starside. Not into potential litigation there. Okay, back to the drawing board.

At one point in the story, one of the characters describes the hazy memories she experiences as being like echoes. Picking through the manuscript, I found other references to echoes.

So…I’m thinking it’s Echoes. Short, sweet, thematic. Granted, there’s other stories with that title, but it’s not quite as unusual as something like “starside,” nor as obnoxiously pretentious “More Things in Heaven and Earth.”

Some of the other titles on my shortlist: Just Dreams, Where Memory Lies, The Star Road (I liked this one, but it didn’t have much to do with the story), Starway, Lightspeed (also liked this one, but Echoes won out), Whisper, Unforgotten.

The next step is updating my author site and getting launch stuff together…which involves marketing…which makes my head hurt.


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