What’s Next?

I got a nice email from a reader asking when the next installment of zombie mayhem would be. That got me thinking…

What’s next? After I get my head back together, anyway.

(I think my initial reaction was “Wow, fast reader!” There’s something weird about working on a book for a year and then people finish it in two days. I mean, it’s awesome and flattering, but it’s also my work being devoured in two days. Mmm, chewy.)

For starters, I’m taking a break from the undead, bless their rotten hearts. After almost a year spent on DBG, I need time away from them.

I’ve got other projects I’m working on — mostly ghostwriting stuff — but as far as the next SPB project, there’s two things I’m working on. One, a series of short sci-fi stories set in generally the same universe as Echoes. We’re talking short stuff — each story might be around 7,000 words — I may release five of them in a 99-cent compilation.

Two, a series of shorts featuring Vibeke & co. and their misadventures in Elderwood. I’ll post them here on the site as I finish them. I don’t know how many actual zombies will be present; it’s just light stuff to fill in the blanks between GNW and DBG.

There’s definitely other, longer stuff on the horizon, but I just need to clear out my head a little bit. The push to get DBG out on time capped off a pretty rough summer overall, so I’m just trying to relax a little bit before jumping back in with both feet.

I do intend to blog here more frequently, since…well, that’s what blogs are for.

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