Working the Day Away

It took me a little longer than I thought it would to dig out the appropriate Echoes file.

I’ve been through a few computers in the last three years. I back up everything – only had one or two slips lately – (knock on wood) but the end result is I often have multiple copies of everything. Considering how long it took me to properly format Echoes the first go-round (and how many versions I have just to fiddle with), selecting the right one was a bit of a challenge.

But it’s set, and now I’m trying to put the finishing touches on it in Calibre. It would be nice if Echoes decided to give me a break this time around and just behave itself, but things never quite work out that way. I’ll probably be tinkering for another two hours at least. Meh.

Coffee recommendation: McDonald’s hazelnut iced coffee. Picked some up last night with dinner (what? I was hungry and it was cheap) with the intention of saving it for this morning. Which I managed to do. Go me.

Hmm. Echoes actually looks pretty decent thus far as I flip through it in the Kindle app.

I can’t say it hasn’t been a bit of a professional disappointment. It’s a good story. I love my happy-go-lucky zombie survivalists, but Echoes was a more “serious” work, I guess, and I think it’s the best-written of the three novels (well, two novels and one novella) I have out at the moment. I never in a million years thought Grave New World would take off the way it did. It was “my silly zombie story” that I threw up there as an experiment and it ended up paying my rent.

I guess the zombie craze was strong, or something. It must have been; there’s been virtually no crossover between GNW and Echoes readers (a few folks who really liked one or the other made the jump, but they’re very different genres. I respect that.). So Echoes, really, is my effort to break into the space opera genre, which I do love.

Hmm. Well, Echoes looks great on the Kindle app. The next step will be viewing it on an actual Kindle, and then the Kindle previewer on Amazon. And then of course it will take a while to be uploaded to Amazon, but maybe by Monday or Tuesday…

Then rinse and repeat with the B&N version.

Aw, aren’t ebooks fun?


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