Zombie Movie Night

Read a few chapters of DWD. Picked up Petticoat Whalers to do some last-minute research for secondary project. Made myself an iced soy chai as a reward. Juno was sitting on the armrest when I took a big gulp. Too big, apparently, as I promptly spilled some on myself.

The bird looked up at me and tilted her head. It wasn’t too hard to see she was thinking “Good going, dumbass.” She’s a very expressive little creature.

I watched Severed: Forest of the Dead on Netflix streaming. As far as zombie movies go, it’s pretty clever and inventive…aside from the fact that the “heroine” (or female protagonist; I can’t call her the heroine) is a shrill, clingy, obnoxious piece of work who starts out as the worst kind of treehugger–the violent kind–and devolves into the…I guess she just becomes the standard female lead in a horror movie, shrieking and weeping and serving as eye candy for the males. She kind of wrecks it.

Aside from her, I liked it. It’s very different from the zombie fare Hollywood is pumping out these days.

Am attempting to sit through The Dead Hate the Living. Juno refuses to go to sleep and prefers to sit on my shoulder screeching while staring up at the ceiling. Wonder what she sees up there…

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